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Founder and Chef Arnon Oren began roasting premium nuts blended with rare spices and delicate oils from around the world for his successful catering business a few years ago. Now these delicious nuts, including Wild Rosemary Almonds, Smoked Paprika Pecans, Indian Ajwain Cashews and Coconut Chili Macadamias, are available to shoppers at fine food stores throughout the country.

What makes these nuts stand out is Chef Oren’s slow oven roasting technique and his unique recipes.

As Chef Oren baked batch after small batch, he learned that slow baking at low temperatures yielded the best results, both in the flavor of the nuts and the taste of the spices and herbs that compliment them. Each batch of nuts is roasted by hand on individual baking trays. A small amount of premium quality olive and peanut oils, never overwhelming the natural character of the nuts, is added to each mix before roasting. Then the nuts are stirred as needed throughout the roast to create even flavors and color. This traditional method of roasting nuts, used for centuries, maximizes flavor and freshness.

Chef Oren created these combinations of nuts, spices and oils to highlight and compliment each other. Each blend of spices and herbs is added at just the right moment in the roasting process, creating flavors that are forward, long lasting and harmonious. Slow roasting at low temperatures maintains the integrity of the nuts and spices, ensuring that no part of each creation is ever burnt. Slower is better.

Oren’s Kitchen nuts are fresh hand roasted artisan foods. They are never fried or drum roasted and delicious anytime, anywhere. Enjoy them today.

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