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Our Promise

Our vision is to create a dynamic, interactive food program that celebrates the well-being and health of every employee. We create delicious healthy food from the abundance of local seasonal ingredients grown in California. We operate in such a way that we give back to our communities, our employees and our planet. We listen to the expectations of our clients and then consistently exceed those expectations. We bring creativity and enthusiasm to our client relationships based on trust and clear communication.

Menus Your Employees Will Love

We actively collaborate with management evolving our menus to meet the changing needs of the employees. We believe the act of sitting down together at a table to share a delicious meal can be transformative. Sharing a meal is an opportunity to connect, to catch up and talk for a moment, to put aside work and enjoy the company of others. We approach our role in this experience with respect and the understanding that we aren’t just serving a meal but we are contributing to the emotional and physical well-being of everyone at your company. 

Creating a Community of Wellness

We know that we are a big part of the work day and that our food is the fuel that contributes to the success of your company. We take that mandate seriously. That is why we create balanced menus with no added sugars and never use processed ingredients. When you take the first bite of a meal prepared by Oren’s Kitchen you are acknowledging the hard work of committed hands and the delicate balance of the sun and rain, but above all, you are nourishing yourself conscientiously.