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Community Engagement

Plant to Plate

The Plant to Plate Internship Program: Mentoring, empowering, and preparing Richmond youth for the world of work through organic gardening and training in the culinary arts.

The program is led by Kelli Barram, a Master Gardener and Garden Education Instructor, and Arnon Oren, master chef and owner of Oren’s Kitchen and Anaviv Catering and Events.

Plant to Plate Program – In the News

Pictured here are our 2019 Plant to Plate graduates. Our Plant to Plate apprentices are available to assist on your next event.

The Edible Schoolyard Project with Alice Waters

Alice Waters has a vision for school lunch in America, that every child at school would receive a free, organic, prepared from scratch meal at breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. That lunch would be an academic subject for every student, taught through a hands-on curriculum in school gardens and teaching kitchens. Anaviv has partnered with Alice Waters to help make this vision a reality for every school child in California. The “Lunch is an Academic Subject” event is a great way to get your company involved in this unbelievable project. The event is a combination of a beautiful lunch for up to 500, an inspiring talk from Alice Waters and a path way for your employees and company to be part of the vision.