Events We Cater


Private Events

There are no secret ingredients, except, possibly…
the presence of the host.

An intimate event in your home should be just that, intimate. The host's presence is what makes your party warm and inviting. So join your guests for the evening and relax while we prepare and present your menu. We'll work together beforehand to choose dishes and foods and develop a menu that will reflect your personal taste and style.


Business Meetings

Fine food, merriment, companionship - that's how all great companies begin.

Deals get signed. Partnerships begin. New ideas take off. People are at their best when they're well fed. Your clients and partners will enjoy a delicious and well-presented meal of California grown foods and specially selected dishes. Attention to detail makes your guests comfortable and demonstrates your appreciation of quality and success.


Corporate Lunches

Homemade, delicious and healthy food is the fuel your team needs to have a productive day.

We focus on providing our corporate lunch clients with healthy meals so there's no mid-afternoon crash. With lots of variety your employees get the delicious meals they want. Our responsiveness to feedback is stellar too. We listen to your employees and give them high quality, yummy, meals!



There's no recipe for things that matter -
every person, every event, every day is unique.

It's a very big day for you. That's why during your wedding, you are our only client. We're focused only on your menu and your event. We work with the bride and groom (and their families) to prepare special menus for the reception and rehearsal dinner. But you'll get more than our undivided attention - you'll be honoring your guests with fresh, California grown foods served with a personal sense of hospitality.



I believe it is possible to serve amazing food and still keep kosher.

I accommodate any level of kosher food preparation and present you with a memorable meal made from fresh, local ingredients, according to season. My kosher catering is supervised by the Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California and I've worked in kosher kitchens around the world for over 20 years. So, rest easy. Know your food was prepared according to tradition, and enjoy every delicious bite.


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